About Willis Marlow
This site reflects the things that I have experienced and learned during my career in research and development, commercial business management, higher education and professional services. I hope to be able to share with you some of the values and beliefs that have been shaped by my experiences so that you may have the opportunity to benefit from that knowledge.

I graduated with a first degree in Applied Physics and spent my early career in aeronautical engineering and in semiconductor electronics research. Much of my youth was spent making things and I was intuitively attracted to manufacturing. After several years in R&D, I won a Fellowship in Manufacturing Management with the Engineering Industry Training Board and studied advanced manufacturing at Cranfield University in Bedfordshire. During this time, I engaged in project work for Cosworth Engineering and was seconded as a production systems manager to a large electronics company in Milton Keynes, supported by a business coach and mentor. I later worked in operations management roles in a number of manufacturing companies. During this time, I continued to hunger for new learning in operations and business management. This led me to spend several years as an academic at Northumbria University Business School of Operations Management.
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